New Asian Fusion – Pho Chilidog

New Asian Fusion – Pho Chilidog

The Duluth Asian Fusion Craze

Here in Gwinnett County GA, there is a unique mix of Asians and Americans especially going towards Duluth where there is a strong Korean and Chinese presence. For restaurant owners, this can be a bit complicated – mainly due to the fact that you have two separate cultures to market to and one dish may not appease the culture you would hope yo reach. If you’re a Foodie like myself, this can get a bit exciting because it opens up a ton of new foods that you would otherwise never try like bingsu, Korean waffles, ramen (the real ramen), dim sum and other amazing Asian foods. If you’re NOT like me and would rather grab a burger or a cheesesteak – then Asian fusion foods may be more of what you are looking for. Asian fusion foods will typically take an American staple and add a subtle Asian twist to it. You may not like Bulgogi (or Korean Bar-B-Que) but a bulgogi Phili Cheesesteak may be something your willing to try (and you definitely should – it’s one of my favorite fusion foods).

The Rise of Pho

Among many Asian Restaurants rising in Duluth, many Vietnamese restaurants have risen and have introduced Pho to the Gwinnett County Food Scene. Pho is a Vietamese noodle soup consisting of a broth that takes an extreme amount of effort to perfect, linguine style noodles, a few herbs (usually mint is involved as well as bean sprouts) and of course a meet which is typically a type of thin sliced beef. This is a very popular street food in Vietnam. Its usually eaten for breakfast and occasionally lunch by southern Vietnamese and practically all day if you’re in the north. During the Vietnam war, Pho’s popularity rose around the world as Vietnamese refugees began to travel outside Vietnam although there is little to say about its origin.

Source: by Food & Wine Magazine

Pho Fusion

Today there are many Pho restaurants in the Gwinnett area. Where I live, there are many different locations such as Saigon Cafe, What the Pho, I luv Pho and many others. But if you’re not interested in having a noodle soup for lunch or dinner, a new fusion food have risen combining the taste of Vietnam with an American Staple food – the Chili Dog! Rustic Couch in Duluth, GA has introduced a very unique Asian-Fusion to the Gwinnett area by combining Pho soup with a Chili Dog. They do this by creating the chili with the broth of Pho and topping it with the stables that make up a great Pho soup.

Source: Rustic Couch Pho Chilidog

When you first taste it, you will quickly find out that its not your typical pho or chili dog taste but a unique fusion of Vietnamese and Beef flavors that give a taste you’ve most likely never had before. The Pho Chilidog is available at Rustic Couch and is served with a 100% all beef hot dog with Pho Chili, Thai basil, cilantro, bean sprout and is topped with siracha. It comes with tots and is available at Rustic Couch for $6.75