Fund Raising


If you are a church, school, sport clubs or trying to raise money for your private group or mission, Rustic Couch makes fundraising as easy as 1,2,3!

#1. Make a Reservation

  • In order to start the fundraising process with Rustic Couch, you first need to submit your request with subject line “fundraiser”  via our contact page. From this reservation, please include the number of expected people and the time of your event. The Rustic Couch management team will review your request and contact you for the final approval for the event.
  • Rustic Couch allows fundraising events Monday-Friday from 5-9 and Weekends between 12-3pm

#2. Have Your Event

  • We ask that you show up on time for your event and serve the time reserved. Reservations are in 3 hour increments, so we ask that you serve your full time frame and enjoy the event!

#3.  Collect the Receipts

  • In order for you to earn for your event, you or a host would collect all of the receipts from the party and bring them to the management. From there, the total will be made and a check will be given for 10% of the total amount that was spent.